Spiritual Self Esteem

This Mentorship is only offered 3 times a year and like the first one, you must qualify by setting up a free consultation with Crystal. You can do this by going to the Contact page and filling out the form. Crystal will contact you ASAP to set up the interview. 

The basis for this mentorship is to build a solid relationship with God and use this relationship to fuel your confidence in living your life's purpose. You can do anything when you know who is guiding you!

The topics discussed in this mentorship are as follows: 

-Karmic Clearing.
-Enlarge your vision, identify your dreams.
-Developing a healthy self image.
-Power of words and thoughts.
-Letting go of the past.
-Finding the gifts from your hardships. 
-Learning how to give/showing up for others.
-The magical life is a choice

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Crystal's programs are extremely transformative: Here’s what others are saying:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Mentorship. Crystals clear thought and thorough preparation allowed an inspirational process of learning.  All the necessary components were addressed as she lead us down a road of intuitive discovery.  I use lots of things presented in the class on a daily basis and have achieved more clarity and connection with my Angels. I will forever be thankful. For anyone interested I highly recommend the mentorship!" -Dana, Louisiana

"Nothing short of amazing. Every week was something more magical!"-Sophia, New York.

"Whether you are a beginner at self discovery or a seasoned professional, you will get something out of working with Crystal. She has a very articulate way of explaining things that make you want to change!" - Kristy, California.

The six Week Clarity Mentorship

Next Mentorship: August 26 2018.

To visit the Six Week Clarity Mentorship webpage for details,  CLICK HERE