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As an uneducated teen mother alone and on welfare, it didn't look like Crystal would amount to much. She struggled in every area of her life, especially with her self esteem and confidence until a series of mystical events began to occur. She began to walk a very private and mystical journey that lead her out of poverty, abuse, betrayal and suffering and into a life filled with magic, mysticism, and a bliss she had never known before. She went on to receive a Medical Assisting Degree, Masters in Bio-Energetics and Nutrition before becoming a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, and "Mother of Journey" through the Native American Church (NAC). For the past 20 years, Crystal has developed an unshakable and undeniable relationship and connection with Nature and the Divine. Today, she uses her vast array of knowledge, skills, wisdom, experience, and intuition to mentor and assist thousands of people rise above their limitations, negativity, and past hurts. With a cool balance between western medicine and ancient influences from her ancestors, Crystal IS the MODERN MYSTIC.